Since 2000, we have been involved in many projects from the production stage to the delivery stage with our professional team in and out of the country. In line with the decision that we had made with our professional team, we united under the umbrella of ABK Logistics Construction and Construction Materials Food and Medical Import & Export Limited Company. Our aim is to provide the service you deserve to our valuable customers by prioritizing commercial trust and customer satisfaction by using our high-quality products and providing wide product range with the support to be given before and after the sales.


To meet all the product and service expectations of our customers at world standards in line with the talent and capacity of our company.

To increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees.

To reach our goals in harmony with the institutions and customers that we are in contact without harming the environment and nature.

To contribute to the world, our country and the regional economy.

To be an entrepreneur by taking important roles in the development of our operating regions with our existing and constantly renewed products.

To contribute to the sector by following the global developments in the marble sector.


SAFE TRADE: Our company’s priority is to maintain the safest trade between us and our valuable customers without causing any disruption.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: we provide 24/7 uninterrupted service and support to our valuable customers in all processes from pre-sales to post-sales with our expert employees.

HIGH QUALITY AND WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: We supply products whose quality is accepted in the international arena, under the control of our expert personnel, and we deliver them to our valued customers in the fastest time.

EXPERTISE: We supply natural stone models that our customers do not have in line with their needs. We stand by our valued customers in all kinds of services, including stone selections, trade follow-ups and transportation operations.

WE ARE A FAMILY: ABK Brand is a family that gives importance to development and innovation with its sincere and smiling employees who love their job. We are proud to see you in our family.